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Die Zahl in Klammern hinter dem Buchtitel gibt die Ausgabe des Navigators an, in der die Rezension veröffentlicht wurde.

Adams, Moody: The Titanic’s Last Hero (82)
Andrews, Marina:
The Sea in my Blood. Charles Edward Andrews. Second Class Assistant Saloon Steward – Titanic Survivor (68)

Balls, John: Lucky for some. Titanic’s Lifeboat 13 and its Passengers (64)
Bancroft, James W.:
Titanic Iceberg Ahead (96)
Beatty, Michael:
Sincerely Harry. The Letters of Henry Tingle Wilde, Titanic’s Chief Officer (81)
Beesley, Lawrence:
I survived the Titanic. The Loss of the Titanic. (63)
Behe, George:
On Board RMS Titanic. Memories of the Maiden Voyage. (64)
Behe, George: Voices from the Carpathia. Rescuing RMS Titanic (72)
Behe, George: The Titanic Disaster. A Medical Dossier (100)
Beveridge, Bruce & Hall, Steve:
RMS Titanic in 50 objects (101)
Bigham, Randy Bryan:
Finding Dorothy – A Biograohy of Dorothy Gibson (76)
Bigham, Randy Bryan & Jasper, Gregg: Broadway Dame (96)
Bilé, Serge: Black Man on the Titanic (91)
Brewster, Hugh:
Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage. The Titanic‘s First-Class Passengers and Their World (62)

Cameron, James: Exploring the Deep. The Titanic Expeditions. (63)
Chirnside, Mark: Olympic. Titanic. Britannic. An Illustrated History of the Olympic-Class Ships (61)
Chirnside, Mark; Fitch, Tad; Georgiou, Ioannis; Hall, Steve; Halpern, Samuel; Layton, J. Kent; Wormstedt, Bill:
Titanic – Solving the Mysteries (89)
Cooper, Gary:
Titanic Captain. The Life of Edward John Smith (58)
Cunningham, Antony: Titanic Children (94)

de Kerbrech, Richard P.: Down amongst the Black Gang. The Work and Workplace of RMS Titanic’s Stokers (67)
Delargy, Flora: Rescuing Titanic (99)

Evans, Grace: Titanic Style. Dress and Fashion on the Voyage (60)

Fitch, Ted; Layton, J. Kent; Wormstedt, Bill: On a Sea of Glass (60)
Fitch, Ted; Layton, J. Kent; Wormstedt, Bill: On a Sea of Glass 2. Auflage (65)
Fitch, Ted; Layton, J. Kent; Wormstedt, Bill: Recreating Titanic and her sisters (101)

Gammond, Jules und Jones, Alan: Little Book of Titanic (60)

Hall, Steve und Beard, Katie: Titanic 101. The Great Infographic History (65)
Harris, Angelica: TITANIC – The Brothers Peracchio (92)
Hart, Eva und Denney, Ron:
A Girl aboard the Titanic (66)
Hiles, J. Clarence:
Tommie Andrews. A Titanic Cricketer (66)
Hines, Stephen W.: Titanic. One Newspaper, Seven Days, and the Truth that Shocked the World (58)
Hinke, Veronica: The Last Night on the Titanic (87)
Historic Newspapers:
The Sinking of the Titanic 1912 (58)
Hodgson, Barrie Bell und Freer, Ann: Tarn to Titanic. Life and Times of Joseph Bell, Chief Engineer (70)
Holman, Hannah:  Titanic Voices. 63 Survivors Tell their Extraordinary Stories (59)
Hughes, Michael und Bosworth, Katherine: Titanic Calling. Wireless Communication during the great Disaster (62)

Jones, Richard M.: RMS Titanic. The Bridlington Connections (89)

Klistorner, Daniel; Hall, Steve; Beveridge, Bruc; Braunschweiger, Art; Andrews, Scott: Titanic in Photographs (58)

Layton, J. Kent: The Edwardian Superliners. A Trio of Trios (65)
Layton, J. Kent: Conspiracies at Sea: Titanic and Lusitania (77)
Legg, Jean: Titanic’s Last Hand Sidney Daniels (100)
Lindgren, Pia:
Not Even God Could Sink Titanic (92)
Lound, Andrew P. B.:
RMS Titanic. Made in the Midlands (80)

Mayo, Jonathan: Titanic. Minute by Minute (76)
McCutcheon, Janette: White Star Line. A Photographic History (64)
McCutcheon, Janette & Campbell: Titanic and her sisters. A postcard history (69)
McElroy, Frankie: Death of a Purser (94)
Medhurst, Simon:
Titanic Day by Day (98)
Mills, Simon:
Olympic – Titanic – Britannic (101)
Molony, Senan:
Titanic. Why she collided, why she sank, why she should never have sailed (88)
Molony, Senan und Raffield, Steve:
Titanic Unseen. Titanic and her Contemporaries. Images from the Bell and Kempster Album (74)
Mylon, Patrick: RMS Titanic. The wider Story (76)

Navratil, Elisabet: Survivors. A True-Life Titanic Story (88)
Nesmeyanov, Eugene:
The Titanic Expeditions (82)
Nicholas, Anthony: Key Figures aboard RMS Titanic (101)

O’Donnell, E. E.: Travelling on Titanic with Father Browne (98)
OceanGate Expeditions: Titanic Expedition Summer 2021 [Collector’s Edition] (101)

Paul, Gill: Titanic Love Stories. The true stories of 13 honeymoon couples who sailed on the Titanic (60)
Petteruti, Joseph C. Jr. + Mark: A Night She’d Remember (97)
Piola, Bruno:
Algy (100)
Prestininzi, Judy:
Living the Legend (94)

Rinkol, Sheryl: Titanic Today (87)
Ryerse, Phyllis:
Rich Men Poor Men. Ryersons on the Titanic (64)

Schillow, Ned W.: Lifeboats Adrift (85)
Schillow, Ned W. & Schillow, Dru T.:
On the Titanic in a Delicate Condition (89)
Schillow, Ned W. & Schillow, Dru T.:
Titanic Clergy (95)
Scully, Kyrila:
Titanic Imposters (75)
Setterdahl, Lilly:
Not My Time to Die. Titanic and the Swedes on board (84)
Sisson, Wade:
Racing through the Night. Olympic’s attempt to reach Titanic (62)
South, Mary L.: Titanic Threads (71)

Welshman, John: Titanic. The Last Night of a Small Town (86)
: Titanic – The Legend Continues. Collections by White Star Memories (72)
Wilkinson, Michael und Hamilton, Robert: The Story of the unsinkable Titanic (58)
Williams, Julie Hedgepeth: A rare Titanic family. The Caldwells story of survival (59)
Wilson, Andrew: Shadow of the Titanic. The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived (59)
Wilson, Frances: How to survice the Titanic? The Sinking of J. Bruce Ismay (58)
Wirgau, Peggy: The Stars in April (98)

Young, Filson: Titanic (62)